The 10 Tips You Should Know When Going Into the Keto-Diet

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Starting a keto diet can be daunting. There are so many things to learn
and understand. Many quit before they even began, mostly due to the
confusion of what you should and shouldn’t do.
It doesn’t have to be this complicated. A keto diet is easier than you
think, especially if you keep these top tips in mind:

1. Drink a lot of water. Especially as you start and your body goes into
‘keto flu’ you’ll find you’re using the bathroom a lot more often. Drinking
plenty of water will help to keep you hydrated.

2. Adding salt. Too often salt gets a bad rap for other health issues, but your
body requires a certain amount of salt to function properly. When your
body is in ketosis, you’re going to be losing a lot more salt when you use
the bathroom, so be sure to replenish it to avoid electrolyte imbalance.

3. Measuring your body ketones. Speaking of being in the bathroom, you’re
going to want to measure your progress. Using keto sticks help you track
where you are in ketosis. The good news? The sticks are pretty
inexpensive and are certainly easy to use.

4. Decreasing stress. This one should go without saying just because it’s
good for you no matter what. But did you know the body in stress
produces extra sugar? This could hurt your ability to enter ketosis. To
truly succeed at this, you first need to RELAX.

5. Getting some sleep. Going hand in hand with stress comes to sleep. Again,
the body that’s not well-rested is going to have the same problems as a
body that’s stressed out. A regular sleep schedule will do wonders in
regards to your keto success.

6. Exercise. It makes sense that exercise burns a variety of energy –
including the glucose in your body. Exercising then get rid of those stores
quicker, putting your body into the keto state that much faster. If you
want to jump-start your progress then, exercise is vital to your success.

7. Batch cook – and plan your menus. Trying to figure out what to eat
from day to day will be the biggest challenge. But being able to go to the
fridge or freezer and grab a meal to reheat, is not only a time-saver but
will keep you from falling off the diet. Planning what you’re going to eat
tomorrow will make tomorrow that much easier. So take some time to
first make a plan, and then put it into practice by laying aside everything
you need for the coming week. Your body will thank you!

8. When eating carbs – choose those from vegetable sources. You’ll not
only feel full but more satisfied when eating carbs from a healthy source.

9. Pay attention to your supplements. MCT oil and exogenous ketones
will both keep your body functioning at optimal levels – and be a little
more forgiving by keeping your body in ketosis even if you screw up and
eat something you shouldn’t.

10. Invest in a food scale – and pay attention to both carbs and calories
when using it to measure out portions. This will keep you from going off
track, especially when you’re just starting out and not quite used to
‘eyeballing’ portion sizes.

When following those tips, you’ll not only stay on track but find that it’s much
easier to manage a Keto diet than you ever thought possible. You really
can succeed at losing weight and feeling better if you use all the tools
you have at your disposal!

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