Nutrisystem Core Plan

This level also starts with the Turbo 13, which provides you the elements of the Basic level plus connections with on-call diet counselors. The core plan main feature is Eating the foods you like and at the same time lose weight. Therefore in this plan, the participant has the luxury of Choosing all his/her favorite foods. It is a 4-week plan very easy to follow planed in a way that pushes the body towards fat-burning mode. In the Core Plan, there is a flexibility to choose from 100 delicious meals and snacks.

According to Nutrisystem Website here is how the Core Plan Works throughout the day:

7 AM Breakfast – Nutrisystem® Biscotti Bites with yogurt and a cup of coffee.

10 AM Mid-Morning Snack – Hard-boiled egg.

12 PM Lunch – Nutrisystem® Spicy Kung Pao Noodles and a garden salad.

4 PM Afternoon Snack – Fresh grapes and toasted almonds.

7 PM Dinner – Nutrisystem® Chicken Paella with steamed broccoli.

9 PM Evening Snack – Nutrisystem® Chocolate Chip Cookies

In this Plan, flexibility is added with fresh groceries and Flex™ meals. Throughout each week, the participant will be able to choose when to enjoy two Flex™ breakfasts,
lunches, dinners, and snacks.