Why Nutrisystem?

The desire to lose weight has brought about much feedback on various diet programs, such as Nutrisystem reviews. Perhaps not everyone is familiar with the Nutrisystem Diet, but it has been trying to help people reach their goal weight for a while now.

The following article presents a clear understanding of the Nutrisystem Diet and why it should be one of the effective weight loss diets in the market.

What is Nutrisystem?

The creators of the Nutrisystem diet wanted to simplify the often complicated effort of losing weight. In this program, you don’t need to count calories, choose food items, or stay with proper portions. Yet, you should remember that you are still not free to eat whatever you want.

Nutrisystem’s basic rule is to eat the food you order from them. The Nutrisystem company delivers the food selections directly to your doorstep. Every single day, you must stick to their meals for breakfast, lunch, supper, and even dessert. For healthy snacks such as vegetables and fruits, you are free to purchase them from your local supermarket.

This program doesn’t allow alcohol consumption or eating out. It is not the ideal diet for people with special diet needs, allergies, chronic kidney disease, or pregnant women. Though Nutrisystem is also not suitable for children below 14 years of age, it has diet formulas for teens ages 14 up to 17 years old.

How the Diet Works?

The Nutrisystem Diet offers many programs for various budget levels and types of dieters. Men, women, vegetarians, and people diagnosed with Type II diabetes, all have their own separate diet plans. In each plan, you can either choose the “Favorites Pack” or you can select the meals yourself. The Favorites Pack have meals pre-selected for you.

The diet programs usually start with the “Turbo Takeoff” that helps you take a huge leap into your weight loss efforts. You take it during the first week of your plan. Turbo 13 helps you lose about 13 lbs. and seven inches during the first program month.

Here are the various levels of service:

  • Basic Level. This starts with the Turbo 13, wherein you will eat meals with strict portion control. With these meals is access to online meal trackers and diet tools.
  • Core Level. This level also starts with the Turbo 13, which provides you the elements of the Basic level plus connections with on-call diet counselors.
  • Uniquely Yours Level. This also starts with the Turbo 13 plan. Here, you receive the portioned meals with Nutrisystem’s frozen dishes. You also access trackers, tools, as well as on-call diet counselors.

Every given level is also good for people with Type II diabetes, but the Turbo Takeoff is not included. If you opted for the auto-delivery, you will pay and then receive your meals every four weeks until you cancel.


Take note that there is medium effort in sticking to the Nutrisystem diet programs. While it is easy to order ready-made meals you prefer, you won’t be having the usual amount you eat. As a result, you get fewer calories from each meal.

You are only presented with food choices from Nutrisystem. In their Uniquely Yours plan, you have 150 foods from which to choose. It also allows you to buy some items on your own from your local grocery store.

Nutrisystem also lets you purchase food that lasts for 28 days. You can either choose the food items yourself or have the company select it for you. You can select meal plans designed for diabetics, men, women, or people older than 60 years old.

The food that Nutrisystem sends you does not need to be cooked. They are all ready to eat and would only need heating up. You would only have to cook the items you buy raw from the supermarket.

As for physical activity, the Nutrisystem diet only requires about half an hour of exercise every day. You can divide it into three ten-minute workouts throughout the day.

Nutrisystem’s Pros and Cons

Celebrities have always used Nutrisystem whenever they want to lose extra pounds. Yet, is it really what you want, especially for your lifestyle and budget? Here are the pros and cons of this esteemed diet:

A. Nutrisystem Main Advantages:

  • Convenient. This diet program is convenient because it saves you time and energy in thinking about what to eat for every meal. You also don’t need to prepare or cook much, especially if you have a busy schedule. Just receive the pre-cooked meals and heat them up when you’re ready to eat. Also, keep the pre-cut vegetables and fruits close by to enjoy. Using a microwave saves even more time.
  • Has balanced nutrients. Yes, there are other diets that help shed the pounds immediately, but they lack in the necessary nutrients for your health. Nutrisystem has the upper hand among all other diets because it adds fruits and vegetables in every meal plan. It also has a balanced meal plan for vegetarians who want to lose weight as well.
  • Provides consultation. There are on-call diet counselors who take their clients by the hand during the program. You can speak to a consultant about any questions or concerns and acquire professional advice.

B. Nutrisystem Main Disadvantages:

  • You run out of food choices. Those who use Nutrisystem usually order foods they like best. They leave the food they do not like much for later orders. This usually means eating the less likable foods by the end of the month. This makes you stick less to the Nutrisystem diet and occasionally give in to eating other foods.
  • Tends to lead to eating discipline issues. Nutrisystem does not restrict you from leaving your house and buying food from the grocery store. It still requires you to eat fruits and vegetables alongside your ready-to-eat meals. When you do go out, you tend to have issues in maintaining your diet and your discipline. If you want the Nutrisystem diet to succeed, move away from the pastry or candy aisle as you make your run to the produce section.
  • Expensive. While it is the go-to diet of celebrities, ordinary people with ordinary budgets find spending 274.99 USD to 334.99 USD a month for the Nutrisystem diet is far too much.

Weight gain leads to obesity, which leads to low self-esteem, diabetes, joint problems, and heart diseases. As obesity continues to plague the country and most parts of the world, Nutrisystem is one of the programs that try to counter this epidemic.

With its carefully designed meals, Nutrisystem continues to be effective in achieving sustainable and safe weight loss. Check with your doctor and see if this diet is fit for your needs. 

This article, along with other comprehensive Nutrisystem reviews can help you understand the diet more and go through with it better.